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Our Story

Simsim is the Arabic word for Sesame. For us, simsim is a name that symbolizes our values of unity and togetherness. We looked into the soul of Arabic cuisine by searching the ingredients, the kitchens, the traditions and the cultures. We searched for something pure, authentic, simple and purposeful. The result was focusing on the Sesame seed as our essential and unifying element for simsim as it is a fundamental ingredient in our sauces, breads and entrees.

We created simsim to be a comeback to the origins, a comeback to the way Shawarma was intended to be experienced. Our team of culinary experts from the Middle East and United States will be using the latest cooking techniques and technology to bring unique & one of a kind dishes to our guests. Our goal is for individuals, families, business professionals, students and people from all walks of life to be able to relax and enjoy a true & authentic Shawarma dining experience.

simsim is Tradition

Time and travel has changed how Shawarma was originally intended to be experienced. simsim is a comeback to our origins, a comeback to the way Shawarma was intended to be prepared and experienced.

simsim is Innovation

Respecting Tradition does not mean being old fashioned. simsim uses the latest culinary creativity and expertise to bring made from scratch Shawarma to today and tomorrow.

simsim is Authenticity

simsim is the Arabic translation for Sesame. It is the central ingredient in many dishes, including our tahini sauce. Beyond that, the sesame represents simplicity, flavor, history and purity to us – elements we feel have been lost in Shawarma today. simsim is flavor & tradition with an authentic & modern spin.


After a career of creating special meals for Kings, Queens and political leaders, Chef Ibrahim now presents his exciting talents at Simsim Outstanding Shawarma!

We are now open, please come visit us at our first location in Clairemont Mesa!

Chef Ibrahim

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